Library Books

We have been collecting a variety of books, useful for anyone of any ability, skill or experience.

Books can be borrowed for 4 week blocks and are $5.00 to borrow.

A list of our current books are below:

Complete Horse Riding Manual

Essential for riders of all ages and all levels of expertise.

Packed with information and advice from leading equestrian coach, Williams Micklem.

Covers all aspects of horsemanship, from mounting up and hacking out to dressage, showjumping and cross country.

It's not Just about the Ribbons

Leave your rider comfort zone, step into your achievement zone!

With Jane Savoie's help, you can conquer:

Fear of Riding











Using skills such as:

Self Talk

Goal setting on horseback




Motivational Toold

Attitude Adjustments

Riding & Pony Care

This book will delight anyone who loves horses, from complete beginners to experienced riders.

Varied & action packed, it describes everything from how to clean a saddle to what to do when a horse bolts, and preparing for a country ride to facing the challenge of a three-day event.

Stunning photography, detailed illustrations and clear text combine to provide an inspirational guide to this exhilarating world.

The Illustrated Guide to Horse Tack

For the English rider.

From Scawbrigs to snaffles, gogues to gadgets, its all here.

Over 200 detailed line illustrations.

Expert advice on all types of horse tack & equipment, both traditional and modern.

The Manual of Horsemanship

Updated 14th Edition. 2013.

 The Manual of Horsemanship contains the basic teaching of The Pony Club for its members and their instructors. The edition stays true to the original concept and is a complete basic guide to horsemanship and horse care in one volume.

 Please note that this is a UK published book.

The New Riders Companion

A most complete practical guide to all aspects of horses and horsemanship.

Helpful advice on how to buy and care for your own horse.

Detailed description of how to equip a horse properly for riding.

Step-by-step sections on learning to ride in stages from the very first lesson through to eventing and show-jumping.

A full glossary of all equestrian terminology

First Riding Lessons

This book shows young riders how to approach and ride a horse or pony. The beautifully illustrated pages are full of information on everything from basic riding skills to learning to trot, canter and gallop. Detailed step-by-step instructions guide the reader through necessary tasks such as caring for tack, as well as complicated riding moves such as changing pace. This book will give any child who is learning to ride all the information they need to ride the horse or pony that they love.

Hacking Out Safely

When hacking out, horse and rider may be exposed to numerous sources of danger, such as traffic, poor equipment, and the horse itself. Accidents are an all too common occurrence.

This guide details how riders can best prepare themselves for hacking out, how to behave in traffic, which safety equipment is necessary and how to cope with horses that misbehave when riding out away from home.

HORSE - The Animal that changed the world

Step inside INFINITY HORSE and find out how the equine family has helped to shape the course of human history. Discover how the horse has evolved from a small mammal that lived some 55 million years ago; enter the world of the warriors who rode their steeds to victory; go on the trail of the mose endangered members of the horse family and witness the acrobatics of the Hungarian csikos - the worlds most daring horsemen.


A complete guide for your horse lovers.

Weather you have a horse or pony of your own, or just dream about it, this is the guide for you.

Packed with photographs and illustrations, and written especially for young Australians, this stunning book covers horse care, horse health, basic riding skills, riding disciplines, everything you need to know about tack and more.

Filled with fascinating facts, great tips and helpful advice, this book will be your number one reference for all things HORSE.

Learning to Ride & Pony care

This book is for all the young riders who want to improve their riding standards. It has been written by Lt-Colonel W.J.W Froud, O.B.E., F.B.H.S. National Instructor to the British Horse Society, to show you how to look after your pony and how to perform the basic manoeuvres required by a competent rider.

Learn all about:

Saddling Up

Mounting & Dismounting

Walking, trotting, cantering



Pony Care

Preparing for a show

The Connemara Pony

This book, written by a leading breeder, judge and producer, provides a fascinating insight into the breed's origins and performance, explaining how to buy, keep and care for the Connemara.

The Illustrated Guide to Horse Tack

For the English rider.

From Scawbrigs to snaffles, gogues to gadgets, its all here.

Over 200 detailed line illustrations.

Expert advice on all types of horse tack & equipment, both traditional and modern.

The Practical Riders Handbook

The comprehensive and authoritative companion to riding, from the first outing to competition.

Helpful, clear advice on all the basics of horsemanship, including tacking up, mounting and achieving a good seat.

How to master the different paces and develop them with advanced techniques.

Features straightforward step-by-step instructions for each new skill.

Detailed coverage of all the sports and activities a rider can enjoy, on their own or as part of a team.