Loyalty Program

At Williams Tack and Feed we value loyalty, we also believe in supporting the community that supports us. So we offer loyalty reward points every time you spend with us.

​That's right, for every $1 you spend with us, you get 1 in return*, as you reach designated thresholds, you can redeem your points for vouchers to be spent in store.

​If you haven't already signed up to our loyalty program, ask to join when you make your next purchase, or email me with your full name at info@williamstackandfeed.co.nz

​You can log in to check your points balance any time by clicking 'Check Rewards' at the bottom of your screen.

 Please Note:

- Loyalty dollars can not be redeemed for cash

- A purchase made using loyalty dollars and then returned for a refund will have loyalty dollars added back onto your account

- Loyalty earning ratios & special deals may be changed at any time at the discretion of Williams Tack and Feed

​*All products are eligible for earning points on with the exception of feed.

In addition to our own rewards program, some suppliers offer a reward scheme of their own.

​HYGAIN - Champions Club

Collect the small blue diamond off the side of any feed bag or product you buy from Hygain and you can redeem them for rewards such as saddle blankets, clothing, caps etc... 


Collect stamps for every product from the Provide It range, including Alleviate SOS, Premium Minerals, Graze Ezy, ToxDefy and more. Redeem your stamped card for a free product of your choice.
Your cards will be kept in store and a stamp added for each purchase. Once your card is full, you can send it in to Provide It to redeem your prize.